What They Say about Courtesy

28 12 2007

rama.jpg Rama (IVB)
Being correct in behavior
It is simple, I will give you some examples:
If you want to go to the toilet you can say, “excuse me, may I go to the toilet, please?” or
If you want to borrow something from your friend you can say, “Excuse me, may I borrow your pen/eraser/correction pen, please? Or
“could you close the window , please? If you want to ask someone to do something.
Being correct in behavior is very important for people. Sometimes people forget being polite to the other people and that is not good.

 100_1345.jpg     Rizki (IIIA)
I just can say:
1. Say thankyou to the other people.
2. Say greeting to the teacher.
3. Say hello to the teacher


Always say “please”, if you need something.

christi.jpg Christina (IIIA)
Well…hmm example;
– Say, “please” if you want something
– Say, “excuse me” if you want to pass by
– Say, “thankyou” if someone has given you something
– Say, “No, thankyou” if you refuse an offer


I must show my courtesy because it is good. For example; I must say “thankyou” if my friends help me. Cassie (IIIB)


I have same idea with Cassie… Alex (IIIB)


I think courtesy is good. The example of courtesy is:

1. Say “thankyou” when someone give you something.

2. Say “sorry” if you do something wrong.

3. Say “please” if you want someone to do something.

4. “excuse me” when you want to get some permission.

(Rubio IIIA)


Hello world!

27 12 2007


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